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National Board of Review

  1. Being John Malkovich
    Top Ten Films

    Being John Malkovich

  2. Magnolia
  3. All About My Mother
  4. The Insider

    The Insider

  5. The Talented Mr. Ripley

    The Talented Mr. Ripley

  6. Election
    Special Recognition


  7. Three Kings
    Top Ten Films

    Three Kings

  8. Buena Vista Social Club
    Best Documentary

    Buena Vista Social Club

  9. Go
    Special Recognition


  10. Limbo
    Special Recognition


  11. East/West
    Top Foreign Films


  12. Twin Falls Idaho
    Special Recognition

    Twin Falls Idaho

  13. Cradle Will Rock

    Cradle Will Rock

  14. Stir of Echoes
    Special Recognition

    Stir of Echoes

  15. An Ideal Husband
    Best Supporting Actress

    An Ideal Husband

  16. A Walk on the Moon
    Special Recognition

    A Walk on the Moon

  17. Man of the Century
    Special Recognition

    Man of the Century

  18. A Lesson Before Dying
    Best Film Made for Cable TV

    A Lesson Before Dying

  19. Tumbleweeds
  20. A Map of the World
  21. Run Lola Run
    Top Foreign Films

    Run Lola Run

  22. Cabaret Balkan
    Top Foreign Films

    Cabaret Balkan

  23. Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl
    International Freedom Award

    Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl

  24. The Emperor and the Assassin
    Top Foreign Films

    The Emperor and the Assassin

  25. This Is My Father
    Special Recognition

    This Is My Father