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Norwegian International Film Festival

  1. Hermann


  2. Garden II

    Garden II

  3. Dog-Eat-Dog


  4. Dandelion Mum

    Dandelion Mum

  5. Boy Gets Eaten

    Boy Gets Eaten

  6. Bog Hole

    Bog Hole

  7. Blind Spot

    Blind Spot

  8. Bike Bird

    Bike Bird

  9. Bellboy


  10. As I Fall

    As I Fall

  11. Sara's Intimate Confessions

    Sara's Intimate Confessions

  12. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master

  13. Searching for Ingmar Bergman

    Searching for Ingmar Bergman

  14. East of Sweden

    East of Sweden

  15. The Freshmen

    The Freshmen

  16. Cake General

    Cake General

  17. The Quake

    The Quake

  18. Girls of the Sun

    Girls of the Sun

  19. The Two of Us

    The Two of Us

  20. More Human Than Human

    More Human Than Human

  21. Ted: Show Me Love

    Ted: Show Me Love

  22. The Delinquent Season

    The Delinquent Season

  23. Los Bando

    Los Bando

  24. Becoming Astrid

    Becoming Astrid

  25. The Silent Revolution

    The Silent Revolution

  26. The Happytime Murders

    The Happytime Murders

  27. The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir
    Ray of Sunshine

    The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

  28. Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049

  29. Thelma


  30. Columbus


  31. Custody


  32. The Captain

    The Captain

  33. Beast


  34. Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves

  35. What Will People Say

    What Will People Say

  36. Racer and the Jailbird

    Racer and the Jailbird