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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Edward Scissorhands
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actress

    Edward Scissorhands

  2. The Sheltering Sky
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    The Sheltering Sky

  3. The Grifters

    The Grifters

  4. Awakenings
    3rd Place: Best Actor


  5. The Witches
    Best Actress

    The Witches

  6. To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger

  7. Henry & June
  8. Reversal of Fortune

    Reversal of Fortune

  9. Dick Tracy
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    Dick Tracy

  10. Milou en mai
    3rd Place: Best Foreign Language Film

    Milou en mai

  11. The Russia House
  12. Mr. & Mrs. Bridge
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

  13. Men Don't Leave
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    Men Don't Leave

  14. Berkeley in the Sixties
    Best Documentary

    Berkeley in the Sixties

  15. Everybody Wins
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    Everybody Wins

  16. Where the Heart Is

    Where the Heart Is

  17. For All Mankind
    2nd Place: Best Documentary

    For All Mankind

  18. Life and Nothing But
    2nd Place: Best Foreign Language Film

    Life and Nothing But

  19. Longtime Companion
    Best Supporting Actor

    Longtime Companion

  20. The Big Bang
    3rd Place: Best Documentary

    The Big Bang

  21. Ariel
    NSFC Award