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Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

  1. Two Films About Loneliness
    Honorable Mention: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    Two Films About Loneliness

  2. Sea of Vapors
  3. A Million Miles Away
  4. Two Museums
  5. Afsan's Long Day (The Young Man Was, Part 2)
  6. Short Film about Life
  7. The Noise
  8. L'amour sauvage
    Honorable Mention: German Competition

    L'amour sauvage

  9. False Twins
  10. Resistfilm
  11. Non-Euclidean Geometry
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    Non-Euclidean Geometry

  12. Nevermind
  13. Seven Times a Day We Complain About Our Fate and at Night We Get Up to Avoid Our Dreams
  14. Orizzonti Orizzonti!
  15. Federsee
  16. The Dark, Krystle
  17. Broken Tongue
  18. Solecito
    Honorable Mention: Youth Jury


  19. Cut
  20. El Adios Largos
  21. Gangster Backstage
    Principal Prize

    Gangster Backstage

  22. Utskor: Either/Or
  23. Tremor
    2nd Place: Prize of the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia


  24. Listening to the Space in my Room
  25. On Your Lips
  26. Fatima
    Prize of the Children's Jury


  27. Thing