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Academy Awards

  1. Heart to Heart

  2. Annie Was a Wonder

  3. The Red Shoes
  4. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  5. Red River

    Red River

  6. Hamlet
  7. The Naked City
  8. Key Largo
    Best Actress in a Supporting Role

    Key Largo

  9. Portrait of Jennie

    Portrait of Jennie

  10. The Pirate

    The Pirate

  11. Moonrise


  12. Sorry, Wrong Number

    Sorry, Wrong Number

  13. The Snake Pit

    The Snake Pit

  14. A Foreign Affair

    A Foreign Affair

  15. Louisiana Story

    Louisiana Story

  16. The Little Orphan
    Best Short Subject, Cartoons

    The Little Orphan

  17. Easter Parade
    Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture

    Easter Parade

  18. The Search
  19. Johnny Belinda
  20. Symphony of a City
    Best Short Subject, One-reel

    Symphony of a City

  21. I Remember Mama

    I Remember Mama

  22. Sitting Pretty

    Sitting Pretty

  23. Mickey and the Seal

    Mickey and the Seal

  24. The Quiet One

    The Quiet One

  25. The Three Musketeers

    The Three Musketeers

  26. Joan of Arc
  27. Robin Hoodlum

    Robin Hoodlum

  28. The Loves of Carmen

    The Loves of Carmen

  29. That Lady in Ermine

    That Lady in Ermine

  30. Deep Waters

    Deep Waters

  31. Operation Vittles

  32. The Luck of the Irish

    The Luck of the Irish

  33. So You Want to Be on the Radio

  34. Casbah


  35. The Secret Land
    Best Documentary, Features

    The Secret Land

  36. The Emperor Waltz

    The Emperor Waltz

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