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Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

  1. She Whistles

    She Whistles

  2. Rebel Dykes

    Rebel Dykes

  3. North by Current
    Special Mention

    North by Current

  4. We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair

  5. Boy Meets Boy

    Boy Meets Boy

  6. Everybody's Talking About Jamie

    Everybody's Talking About Jamie

  7. LA QueenCiañera

    LA QueenCiañera

  8. Quinceañero


  9. Right to Try
    Audience Award

    Right to Try

  10. Girls & The Party
    Best U.S. Narrative Short Grand Jury Prize

    Girls & The Party

  11. Jupiter & Europa
    Audience Award

    Jupiter & Europa

  12. This Is Jessica
    Audience Award

    This Is Jessica

  13. The Crown with a Shadow

    The Crown with a Shadow

  14. 1-888-5-Blue-You


  15. Bridesman


  16. Death and Bowling
    Audience Award

    Death and Bowling

  17. Firstness
    Grand Jury Prize (U.S. Narrative Feature)


  18. Homebody


  19. Crystal Diaires

    Crystal Diaires

  20. Gemmel & Tim

    Gemmel & Tim

  21. AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman

    AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman

  22. The Sixth Reel
    Special Mention

    The Sixth Reel

  23. Noah's Arc: The 'Rona Chronicles

    Noah's Arc: The 'Rona Chronicles

  24. Boy Culture: The Series

    Boy Culture: The Series

  25. What's Left Inside

    What's Left Inside

  26. Thơ


  27. The Number 12

    The Number 12

  28. In the Air Tonight

    In the Air Tonight

  29. The Man of My Dreams

    The Man of My Dreams

  30. Smoke, Lilies and Jade

    Smoke, Lilies and Jade

  31. The Fugitives

    The Fugitives

  32. The Extinction of Fireflies

    The Extinction of Fireflies

  33. Boulevard! A Hollywood Story

    Boulevard! A Hollywood Story

  34. Between Us

    Between Us

  35. Before the Eruption

    Before the Eruption

  36. Fervor