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Philadelphia Film Festival

  1. Poetry
    Honorable Mention: Masters of Cinema (Audience Award)


  2. The Man from Nowhere
    Honorable Mention: The Graveyard Shift (Audience Award)

    The Man from Nowhere

  3. Hesher


  4. A Screaming Man
    Best Actor (Special Jury Award)

    A Screaming Man

  5. Carancho
    Best Narrative Feature


  6. Copacabana
    Best Actress (Special Jury Award)


  7. The Princess of Montpensier
    Honorable Mention: New French Films (Audience Award)

    The Princess of Montpensier

  8. Conviction
    Honorable Mention: Spotlights (Audience Award)


  9. Louder than a Bomb
    Audience Award

    Louder than a Bomb

  10. Life 2.0
    Best Documentary Feature

    Life 2.0

  11. High School

    High School

  12. Gayby
    Short Film (Special Jury Award)


  13. Mutant Girls Squad

    Mutant Girls Squad

  14. Sex Magic
    Honorable Mention: Cinema of Sex (Audience Award)

    Sex Magic

  15. Lebanon, PA.
    Best Local Feature

    Lebanon, PA.

  16. The Happy Poet
    Honorable Mention: American Independents (Audience Award)

    The Happy Poet

  17. Alamar
    Honorable Mention: World Narratives (Audience Award)