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Rome Independent Film Festival

  1. Siberia, Monamour
    Best Foreign Film

    Siberia, Monamour

  2. Girl Model
    Best Documentary

    Girl Model

  3. Ostende


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  4. Dragonslayer


  5. Cara, ti amo...
    Best Italian Film

    Cara, ti amo...

  6. The Night Milieu

    The Night Milieu

  7. Full of Life

    Full of Life

  8. An African Election

    An African Election

  9. Motherland or Death

    Motherland or Death

  10. The Uneven Rome

    The Uneven Rome

  11. Italian Ghost Stories

    Italian Ghost Stories

  12. Stanza 88

    Stanza 88

  13. Jody delle giostre

    Jody delle giostre

  14. Pink Saris

    Pink Saris

  15. Fracture


  16. Where the Boys Are

    Where the Boys Are

  17. Kapitalism: Our Improved Formula

    Kapitalism: Our Improved Formula

  18. The Silence Beneath the Bark

    The Silence Beneath the Bark

  19. Anything You Want

    Anything You Want

  20. Diciottanni - Il mondo ai miei piedi

    Diciottanni - Il mondo ai miei piedi

  21. 180°


  22. Incanto


  23. Skinning


  24. The Broken Moon
    Best Foreign Docufilm

    The Broken Moon

  25. Elsewhere


  26. The Way of the Ink

    The Way of the Ink

  27. Mya's Universe

    Mya's Universe

  28. When China Met Africa

    When China Met Africa

  29. Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

    Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

  30. M.A.R.C.O.
    Best Italian Film


  31. The Last King

    The Last King

  32. Christopher Roth

    Christopher Roth

  33. Where What Is Within

    Where What Is Within

  34. Silence Inside

    Silence Inside

  35. La voce sola

    La voce sola

  36. Lui & l'altro

    Lui & l'altro

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