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Rome Independent Film Festival

  1. La fortaleza

    La fortaleza

  2. Masel Tov Cocktail

    Masel Tov Cocktail

  3. The Handyman

    The Handyman

  4. Sad Beauty

    Sad Beauty

  5. Dustin


  6. Mat and Her Mates

    Mat and Her Mates

  7. Something Borrowed

    Something Borrowed

  8. Releasing Spell

    Releasing Spell

  9. Memories


  10. Heal


  11. First Born

    First Born

  12. Silence of the Desert

    Silence of the Desert

  13. Open House

    Open House

  14. Now That You're Mine

    Now That You're Mine

  15. Into the Night

    Into the Night

  16. El Clásico

    El Clásico

  17. A Swimming Lesson From Dad

    A Swimming Lesson From Dad

  18. Faceboom


  19. Eroi perduti

    Eroi perduti

  20. Uno dopo l'altro

    Uno dopo l'altro

  21. On Silent

    On Silent

  22. Amore Cane

    Amore Cane

  23. Notebook


  24. Amor Fati

    Amor Fati

  25. Marina, Marina!

    Marina, Marina!

  26. Farinata la tredicesima notte

    Farinata la tredicesima notte

  27. Male Fadàu

    Male Fadàu

  28. Il Battesimo

    Il Battesimo

  29. Le piccole cose

    Le piccole cose

  30. La settimana

    La settimana

  31. La guerra dentro

    La guerra dentro

  32. Intolerance


  33. Inglourious League

    Inglourious League

  34. Khoonab


  35. In the Mirrors

    In the Mirrors

  36. How Scared She Was

    How Scared She Was

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