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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Brother


  2. Los Hongos
    Hubert Bals Fund Lions Film Award

    Los Hongos

  3. A Proletarian Winter's Tale

    A Proletarian Winter's Tale

  4. Obvious Child

    Obvious Child

  5. Atlas


  6. L for Leisure

    L for Leisure

  7. Evaporating Borders

    Evaporating Borders

  8. The Distance

    The Distance

  9. To Kill a Man
    KFN Award

    To Kill a Man

  10. Something Must Break
    Hivos Tiger Award

    Something Must Break

  11. Hacked Circuit

    Hacked Circuit

  12. The Quiet Roar

    The Quiet Roar

  13. Casa Grande

    Casa Grande

  14. Jacky in the Kingdom of Women
    MovieZone Award

    Jacky in the Kingdom of Women

  15. Han Gong-ju
  16. The Disobedient

    The Disobedient

  17. Viktoria


  18. When I Will Be Dictator

    When I Will Be Dictator

  19. Ancha es Castilla/N'importe quoi

    Ancha es Castilla/N'importe quoi

  20. Letters from the South

    Letters from the South

  21. Another Year
    Big Screen Award

    Another Year

  22. Swim Little Fish Swim

    Swim Little Fish Swim

  23. The History of Eternity

    The History of Eternity

  24. A Million Miles Away

    A Million Miles Away

  25. The Seventh Walk

    The Seventh Walk

  26. Oilfields Mines Hurricanes

    Oilfields Mines Hurricanes

  27. My Seven Places

    My Seven Places

  28. Secretly Greatly

    Secretly Greatly

  29. On the 5th April I’ll Kill Myself

    On the 5th April I’ll Kill Myself

  30. Trento Symphonia

    Trento Symphonia

  31. Tamako in Moratorium

    Tamako in Moratorium

  32. Even Pricks

    Even Pricks

  33. Lake August

    Lake August

  34. Coming to Terms

    Coming to Terms

  35. The Creator of the Jungle

    The Creator of the Jungle

  36. My Blind Heart

    My Blind Heart

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