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Santa Barbara International Film Festival

  1. Sam


  2. Cruel


  3. Barefoot


  4. Night Has Settled

    Night Has Settled

  5. Noble
    Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema


  6. Wicked Blood

    Wicked Blood

  7. Warren


  8. Mount Joy

    Mount Joy

  9. Blue Is the Warmest Color
    Virtuoso Award

    Blue Is the Warmest Color

  10. Inside Llewyn Davis
    Virtuoso Award

    Inside Llewyn Davis

  11. Blue Jasmine

    Blue Jasmine

  12. Short Term 12
    Virtuoso Award

    Short Term 12

  13. The Past

    The Past

  14. Fruitvale Station
    Virtuoso Award

    Fruitvale Station

  15. The Gambler

    The Gambler

  16. October November

    October November

  17. The Butler
    Montecito Award

    The Butler

  18. The Amazing Catfish

    The Amazing Catfish

  19. Metalhead


  20. Eastern Boys
    Best International Feature

    Eastern Boys

  21. The Japanese Dog

    The Japanese Dog

  22. Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People
    The Fund for Santa Barbara Social Justice Award

    Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

  23. Cannibal


  24. Tome of the Unknown
    Best Animated Short Film (Bruce C. Corwin Award)

    Tome of the Unknown

  25. Wounded


  26. Burt's Buzz

    Burt's Buzz

  27. The Major

    The Major

  28. Woody


  29. Clownwise


  30. Triptych


  31. God's Slave
    Nueva Vision Award

    God's Slave

  32. Victor Young Perez

    Victor Young Perez

  33. For a Woman
    Honorable Mention

    For a Woman

  34. César's Grill

    César's Grill

  35. Bella Vita

    Bella Vita

  36. A La Bizkaina

    A La Bizkaina

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