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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. Riverrun
    Abbracine Prize


  2. Like Father, Like Son
  3. The Lunchbox
  4. Boy and the World
    Best Brazilian Film (Youth Award)

    Boy and the World

  5. Harmony Lessons
  6. The Golden Dream
  7. The Golden Cage
  8. Miss Violence
  9. Still Life
  10. The Rocket
  11. I Will Be Murdered
    Honorable Mention: Documentary (International Jury Award)

    I Will Be Murdered

  12. The Dismantling
  13. Run & Jump
  14. Matterhorn
  15. A Fuller Life
  16. Qissa
  17. Until Sbornia Do Us Part
    Best Brazilian Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Until Sbornia Do Us Part

  18. 8816 Verses
  19. Peace After Marriage
  20. Alienation
  21. The Militant
    Critics Special Award

    The Militant

  22. Tito on Ice
  23. Allez, Eddy!
    Best Foreign Film (Youth Award)

    Allez, Eddy!

  24. Nuts