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Seattle International Film Festival

  1. Frances Ha
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    Frances Ha

  2. Stories We Tell

    Stories We Tell

  3. Ernest and Célestine
    Films4Families Youth Jury Award

    Ernest and Célestine

  4. Much Ado About Nothing
    3rd Place: Best Director

    Much Ado About Nothing

  5. The Wall

    The Wall

  6. What Maisie Knew
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    What Maisie Knew

  7. A World Not Ours

    A World Not Ours

  8. Imagine


  9. Horses of God
    Best Director

    Horses of God

  10. 7 Boxes

    7 Boxes

  11. Out in the Dark

    Out in the Dark

  12. Populaire


  13. The Attack

    The Attack

  14. A Lady in Paris

    A Lady in Paris

  15. Two Lives

    Two Lives

  16. I Declare War

    I Declare War

  17. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II

  18. Sadourni's Butterflies

    Sadourni's Butterflies

  19. Unfinished Song
    3rd Place: Best Actor

    Unfinished Song

  20. Short Stories

    Short Stories

  21. Still
    Best Actor


  22. Halima's Path

    Halima's Path

  23. Somm


  24. The Apple of My Eye
  25. In the Shadow
    2nd Place: Best Director

    In the Shadow

  26. Breathing Earth

    Breathing Earth

  27. Fatal


  28. Fuck Up

    Fuck Up

  29. The Cleaner

    The Cleaner

  30. Mussels In Love

    Mussels In Love

  31. Blackbird
    Futurewave Youth Special Jury Award


  32. House with a Turret

    House with a Turret

  33. The Hunter
    Animation (Short Film Competition Special Jury Award)

    The Hunter

  34. You Will Be My Son

    You Will Be My Son

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