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Seattle International Film Festival

  1. Time Out of Mind

    Time Out of Mind

  2. Beats of the Antonov

    Beats of the Antonov

  3. Vincent


  4. Theeb


  5. Murder in Pacot

    Murder in Pacot

  6. The Dark Horse

    The Dark Horse

  7. Alléluia
  8. I Am the People

    I Am the People

  9. The Golden Era

    The Golden Era

  10. Xenia


  11. Henri Henri

    Henri Henri

  12. Love at First Fight

    Love at First Fight

  13. Marshland


  14. A Hard Day

    A Hard Day

  15. Mardan


  16. A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

  17. Sea Fog

    Sea Fog

  18. Submarine Sandwich
    2nd Place: Best Short Film

    Submarine Sandwich

  19. Out of Nature

    Out of Nature

  20. X+Y


  21. That Sugar Film

    That Sugar Film

  22. Tea Time

    Tea Time

  23. Natural History

    Natural History

  24. Not All Is Vigil

    Not All Is Vigil

  25. Margarita, with a Straw
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    Margarita, with a Straw

  26. Hole
    Special Mention: Short Film Competition Award (Live Action)


  27. Dearest


  28. The Chicken
    Live Action (Short Film Competition Award)

    The Chicken

  29. Beyond Zero: 1914-1918

    Beyond Zero: 1914-1918

  30. Corrections Class
    New Director's Showcase Special Jury Prize

    Corrections Class

  31. A Blast

    A Blast

  32. Name Me

    Name Me

  33. Paco de Lucía: A Journey

    Paco de Lucía: A Journey

  34. The Malagasy Way

    The Malagasy Way

  35. A Matter of Interpretation

    A Matter of Interpretation

  36. Hotel 22

    Hotel 22