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Seattle International Film Festival

  1. Chuck & Buck
    Best Writer (New American Cinema Award)

    Chuck & Buck

  2. In God We Trust
    Best Short Film

    In God We Trust

  3. Urbania
    Best Actor


  4. Kleingeld
    Honorable Mention: Short Film Award


  5. The Magic of Marciano
    New American Cinema Award

    The Magic of Marciano

  6. Outer Space
    Honorable Mention: Short Film Award

    Outer Space

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  7. Human Resources
    Special Jury Prize (New Director's Showcase Award)

    Human Resources

  8. An Affair of Love
    Best Actress

    An Affair of Love

  9. Shower
  10. Venus Beauty Institute
    Best Actress

    Venus Beauty Institute

  11. The Periwig-Maker
    Short Film Award

    The Periwig-Maker

  12. Sri


  13. At Midnight and a Half

    At Midnight and a Half

  14. The Weekend
    Citation of Excellence for Ensemble Cast Performance (New American Cinema Award)

    The Weekend

  15. The Mutants
    New Director's Showcase Award

    The Mutants