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Seattle International Film Festival

  1. Bungalow


  2. Afghan Alphabet

    Afghan Alphabet

  3. Satin Rouge
    New Director's Showcase Award

    Satin Rouge

  4. Britney Baby, One More Time

    Britney Baby, One More Time

  5. Strange Fruit

    Strange Fruit

  6. Jiyan
    New Director's Showcase Special Jury Prize


  7. The Piano Teacher
    Best Actress

    The Piano Teacher

  8. Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo

  9. Sex and Lucía
    Best Director

    Sex and Lucía

  10. Elling
    Best Film


  11. Whispering Sands
    Asian Trade Winds Special Jury Prize

    Whispering Sands

  12. Monrak Transistor
    Asian Trade Winds Award

    Monrak Transistor

  13. Agitator


  14. ABC Africa

    ABC Africa

  15. Bus 44

    Bus 44

  16. Super 8 Stories

    Super 8 Stories

  17. Parallel Worlds

    Parallel Worlds

  18. La spagnola

    La spagnola

  19. Chicken Rice War

    Chicken Rice War