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Shanghai International Film Festival

  1. The Longest Night in Shanghai
  2. The New Man
    Special Jury Award

    The New Man

  3. The Crossword Monologues

    The Crossword Monologues

  4. On the Wings of Dreams
    Best Director (Asian New Talent Award)

    On the Wings of Dreams

  5. According to Plan

    According to Plan

  6. Love and Honor
    Best Music

    Love and Honor

  7. The Go Master
  8. Aviva, My Love
    Best Screenplay

    Aviva, My Love

  9. Doghead
    Best Actor


  10. Schwesterherz


  11. My Brother Is Getting Married

    My Brother Is Getting Married

  12. Bliss
    Best Film (Asian New Talent Award)


  13. The Knot
    Special Award of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival

    The Knot