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Shanghai International Film Festival

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

  2. Butterflies


  3. Cold War

    Cold War

  4. Daughter of Mine

    Daughter of Mine

  5. Ex Shaman

    Ex Shaman

  6. 3 Days in Quiberon

    3 Days in Quiberon

  7. Nancy


  8. Capernaum


  9. The Widowed Witch

    The Widowed Witch

  10. Inuyashiki


  11. In the Aisles

    In the Aisles

  12. White Fang

    White Fang

  13. In My Eyes

    In My Eyes

  14. Lost, Found

    Lost, Found

  15. A Hole in the Head

    A Hole in the Head

  16. As Green as It Gets

    As Green as It Gets

  17. Ala Changso
  18. S He

    S He

  19. 3 AM: Part 3: Aftershock

    3 AM: Part 3: Aftershock

  20. Havana Divas

    Havana Divas

  21. Kikoriki. Deja Vu

    Kikoriki. Deja Vu

  22. Life in Overtime

    Life in Overtime

  23. Crossroads: One Two Jaga

    Crossroads: One Two Jaga

  24. The Love Story in the Western Chamber 3D

    The Love Story in the Western Chamber 3D

  25. Winter in my Heart

    Winter in my Heart

  26. Pear Blossom

    Pear Blossom

  27. Father and Hero

    Father and Hero

  28. Birds in Mire

    Birds in Mire

  29. Five Wishes of Aji

    Five Wishes of Aji

  30. East of Sweden

    East of Sweden

  31. 3 Storeys

    3 Storeys

  32. Hattrick


  33. Punk Samurai Slash Down

    Punk Samurai Slash Down

  34. Recall


  35. When Sun Meets Moon

    When Sun Meets Moon

  36. Mori, The Artist's Habitat

    Mori, The Artist's Habitat

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