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Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival

  1. Cemetery of Splendour
  2. Macbeth
  3. The Brand New Testament
  4. The Invitation
    Best Motion Picture (Official Fantàstic Competition)

    The Invitation

  5. Bone Tomahawk
  6. Slow West
    Best Director (Oficial Fantàstic Òrbita)

    Slow West

  7. The Gift
    Best Actor

    The Gift

  8. Turbo Kid
  9. Entertainment
  10. Journey to the Shore
  11. The Final Girls
  12. The Survivalist
    Citizen Kane Award for Best Directorial Revelation

    The Survivalist

  13. Endorphine
  14. The Devil's Candy
  15. Demon
  16. Baskin
  17. The Boy
  18. Blind Sun
  19. Schneider vs. Bax
  20. The Similars
    Best Latinamerican Feature Film (Blood Window Award)

    The Similars

  21. I Am a Hero