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Stockholm International Film Festival

  1. Oh Lucy!

    Oh Lucy!

  2. Mommy
    Audience Award


  3. Nightcrawler


  4. The Tribe

    The Tribe

  5. Foxcatcher


  6. Girlhood
  7. Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy

  8. 10.000 Km
    Telia Film Award

    10.000 Km

  9. Breathe


  10. Heaven Knows What

    Heaven Knows What

  11. Magical Girl

    Magical Girl

  12. Something Must Break

    Something Must Break

  13. Sivas


  14. Hungry Hearts
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Hungry Hearts

  15. Fe26


  16. A Girl at My Door
    Best Directorial Debut (Aluminum Horse)

    A Girl at My Door

  17. Listen


  18. The Keeping Room

    The Keeping Room

  19. The Chicken
    Best Short Film (Aluminum Horse)

    The Chicken

  20. The Goob
    Best Music (Aluminum Horse)

    The Goob

  21. Jack


  22. 8 Bullets

    8 Bullets

  23. The Owners

    The Owners

  24. The Baby

    The Baby

  25. Name Me

    Name Me

  26. 130919 • A Portrait of Marina Abramović

    130919 • A Portrait of Marina Abramović

  27. Young Lions of Gypsy

    Young Lions of Gypsy

  28. Tillbaka till Bromma
    Rising Star Award

    Tillbaka till Bromma

  29. Second Coming

    Second Coming

  30. Les corps étrangers

    Les corps étrangers

  31. Melbourne
  32. Hot Chicks
    1km Film Award

    Hot Chicks

  33. The Goat

    The Goat

  34. Fishing Without Nets

    Fishing Without Nets

  35. Man on the Chair

    Man on the Chair

  36. Stray Dog

    Stray Dog

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