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Sydney Film Festival

  1. Strangerland


  2. Gayby Baby
    2nd Place: Best Documentary (Audience Award)

    Gayby Baby

  3. Song of Lahore

    Song of Lahore

  4. Necktie Youth

    Necktie Youth

  5. The Project of the Century

    The Project of the Century

  6. The Chinese Mayor

    The Chinese Mayor

  7. Sergio Herman: Fucking Perfect

    Sergio Herman: Fucking Perfect

  8. Rosso Papavero

    Rosso Papavero

  9. Karroyul


  10. 54: The Director’s Cut

    54: The Director’s Cut

  11. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

    A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

  12. Phoenix


  13. The Look of Silence

    The Look of Silence

  14. The Duke of Burgundy

    The Duke of Burgundy

  15. From What is Before

    From What is Before

  16. Song of the Sea

    Song of the Sea

  17. The Tribe

    The Tribe

  18. Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy

  19. Magical Girl

    Magical Girl

  20. The Postman’s White Nights

    The Postman’s White Nights

  21. In the Basement

    In the Basement

  22. Beats of the Antonov

    Beats of the Antonov

  23. Love & Mercy

    Love & Mercy

  24. Pasolini


  25. Hill of Freedom

    Hill of Freedom

  26. Theeb


  27. Vincent


  28. Murder in Pacot

    Murder in Pacot

  29. Corn Island

    Corn Island

  30. Iris


  31. The Smell of Us

    The Smell of Us

  32. 99 Homes

    99 Homes

  33. Sea Fog

    Sea Fog

  34. A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

  35. Something Better to Come

    Something Better to Come

  36. Me and My Moulton

    Me and My Moulton