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Taipei Film Festival

  1. The Poem of Pakistan

    The Poem of Pakistan

  2. The Catch
  3. Melody's Melody

    Melody's Melody

  4. Her and I

    Her and I

  5. Grit


  6. Heaven on the 4th Floor

    Heaven on the 4th Floor

  7. Gold Leaf

    Gold Leaf

  8. Falling Koi

    Falling Koi

  9. Days Before the Millennium

    Days Before the Millennium

  10. Listen Before You Sing

    Listen Before You Sing

  11. I Missed You
    Best Screenplay

    I Missed You

  12. In the Mist

    In the Mist

  13. Second Thoughts

    Second Thoughts

  14. Piano Lessons
    Best Short Film

    Piano Lessons

  15. Plurality


  16. Girl in the Water

    Girl in the Water

  17. Green Jail

    Green Jail

  18. The Bad Man

    The Bad Man

  19. Natural Light

    Natural Light

  20. Bliss


  21. Ancient Soul

    Ancient Soul

  22. Namoo


  23. The Soul

    The Soul

  24. Mighty Flash

    Mighty Flash

  25. Madalena


  26. The Edge of Daybreak

    The Edge of Daybreak

  27. I Comete: A Corsican Summer

    I Comete: A Corsican Summer

  28. Dead & Beautiful

    Dead & Beautiful

  29. There Is No Evil

    There Is No Evil

  30. Limbo


  31. Ghosts


  32. Yellow Cat

    Yellow Cat

  33. Uppercase Print

    Uppercase Print

  34. Fortuna — The Girl and the Giants

    Fortuna — The Girl and the Giants

  35. City Hall

    City Hall

  36. Night of the Kings

    Night of the Kings