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Taipei Film Festival

  1. Beyond the Hill
    Special Jury Prize (International New Talent Competition)

    Beyond the Hill

  2. Girlfriend Boyfriend

    Girlfriend Boyfriend

  3. Love
    Best Supporting Actress


  4. Young Dudes
  5. Spain


  6. Return to Burma

    Return to Burma

  7. China Heavyweight

    China Heavyweight

  8. Boundary Revelation

    Boundary Revelation

  9. Din Tao: Leader of the Parade

  10. Touch of the Light
  11. Cha Cha for Twins
  12. Policeman


  13. Cut


  14. Nuit #1
    Special Mention: International New Talent Competition

    Nuit #1

  15. Twilight Portrait

    Twilight Portrait

  16. Starry Starry Night

    Starry Starry Night

  17. The River Used to Be a Man

    The River Used to Be a Man

  18. A World Without Women

    A World Without Women

  19. Summer of Giacomo

    Summer of Giacomo

  20. Hometown Boy
  21. Black & White & Sex

    Black & White & Sex

  22. Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

    Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

  23. Still Life

    Still Life

  24. Twiggy


  25. Hanaan
    International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize


  26. The Mirror Never Lies
    Special Mention: International New Talent Competition

    The Mirror Never Lies

  27. Gitarrmongot


  28. I Am Curious—Yellow

    I Am Curious—Yellow

  29. Persona