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Taipei Film Festival

  1. The Wounded Angel
  2. David Lynch: The Art Life
  3. The Net
  4. The Plague at the Karatas Village
  5. City of Jade
    Outstanding Artistic Contribution in Music

    City of Jade

  6. After Spring, the Tamaki Family...
  7. The Tenants Downstairs
  8. Barli Ais
  9. Single Belief
  10. Two Idiots
  11. The Taste of Apple
    Press Award

    The Taste of Apple

  12. The Cat in the Closet
  13. Farewell Photography
  14. Hang in There, Kids!
  15. Les Ogres
  16. Le Moulin
  17. As I Open My Eyes
  18. Our Times
  19. Sand Storm
    Special Mention: International New Talent Competition

    Sand Storm

  20. Keeper
  21. The Tag-Along
  22. The Black Hen
  23. End of A Century: Miea's Story
  24. The Bride
  25. Paradise
  26. Alone
  27. Crash Testing
    Best Animation

    Crash Testing

  28. Nia's Door
  29. Hebei Taipei
    Best Documentary

    Hebei Taipei

  30. Don’t Look At Me That Way
    International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize

    Don’t Look At Me That Way

  31. Für Elise
  32. Maverick
  33. Spring Beauty
  34. The Left Ear
    Outstanding Artistic Contribution in Cinematography

    The Left Ear

  35. I Wanna Be with You
  36. White Lies, Black Lies
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