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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. 2046
  2. Downfall


  3. The Taste of Tea
    Netpac Award

    The Taste of Tea

  4. The World

    The World

  5. Vital


  6. Aaltra


  7. Intimate Strangers

    Intimate Strangers

  8. Black Friday

    Black Friday

  9. Four Shades of Brown

    Four Shades of Brown

  10. Little Russia
    Animated Dreams Grand Prize Wooden Wolf

    Little Russia

  11. The Recruiter
    Grand Prize

    The Recruiter

  12. León and Olvido

    León and Olvido

  13. Day and Night

    Day and Night

  14. Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

  15. Producing Adults

    Producing Adults

  16. Swing My Swing High, My Darling

    Swing My Swing High, My Darling

  17. The Table
    Best Young Director (Animated Dreams Award)

    The Table

  18. Tamara


  19. Up and Down

    Up and Down

  20. Perkele
    Sleepwalkers Grand Prize


  21. The Story of the Weeping Camel

    The Story of the Weeping Camel

  22. Osama


  23. Grimm


  24. The Transformer
    Best Documentary (Sleepwalkers Jury Prize)

    The Transformer

  25. Little Men
    Special Mention: Netpac Award

    Little Men

  26. The Tram #9 Was Going
    International Competition (Best Animation)

    The Tram #9 Was Going