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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways

  2. Wadjda


  3. In the House

    In the House

  4. Paradise: Faith

    Paradise: Faith

  5. A Coffee in Berlin

    A Coffee in Berlin

  6. Blancanieves


  7. Keep Smiling
    Don Quixote Award

    Keep Smiling

  8. For Ellen
    Best North American Independent Film

    For Ellen

  9. More Than Honey

    More Than Honey

  10. Compliance


  11. Ginger and Rosa
    Special Mention: International Jury (Just Film Award)

    Ginger and Rosa

  12. Hannah Arendt

    Hannah Arendt

  13. Electrick Children
    Best Film

    Electrick Children

  14. The Sessions

    The Sessions

  15. Boy Eating the Bird's Food

    Boy Eating the Bird's Food

  16. A Story for the Modlins
    Short Film (Sleepwalkers Grand Prize)

    A Story for the Modlins

  17. Rhino Season

    Rhino Season

  18. Oh Willy...
    Animated Dreams Grand Prize Wooden Wolf

    Oh Willy...

  19. Smashed


  20. A Lady in Paris

    A Lady in Paris

  21. Betrayal
    Best Actress


  22. The Weight
    Best Director

    The Weight

  23. Eat Sleep Die

    Eat Sleep Die

  24. Captive


  25. Camion


  26. 90 Minutes

    90 Minutes

  27. The Conspiracy

    The Conspiracy

  28. The Daughter
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Daughter

  29. Mushrooming
    Estonian Film Award


  30. Here and the Great Elsewhere
    Special Mention: Animated Dreams

    Here and the Great Elsewhere

  31. Halima's Path
    Special Jury Prize

    Halima's Path

  32. Feral
    Best Story (Animated Dreams Award)


  33. Fly Mill
    Best Design (Animated Dreams Award)

    Fly Mill

  34. All That Matters Is Past

    All That Matters Is Past

  35. Beijing Flickers

    Beijing Flickers

  36. The Almost Man

    The Almost Man