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Terracotta Far East Film Festival

  1. Milocrorze: A Love Story

    Milocrorze: A Love Story

  2. Silent River
    Audience Award

    Silent River

  3. Yakuza Weapon

    Yakuza Weapon

  4. The Lost Bladesman

    The Lost Bladesman

  5. Karate Girl

    Karate Girl

  6. Choy Lee Fut

    Choy Lee Fut

  7. Confessions
  8. The Tiger Factory

    The Tiger Factory

  9. Under the Hawthorn Tree
    2nd Place: Audience Award

    Under the Hawthorn Tree

  10. Aftershock
    Audience Award


  11. A Little Thing Called Love
    Technicolor Asia Award

    A Little Thing Called Love

  12. Petty Romance

    Petty Romance

  13. Gallants


  14. Helldriver


  15. Revenge: A Love Story

    Revenge: A Love Story

  16. Hotel Black Cat

    Hotel Black Cat

  17. Man of Vendetta

    Man of Vendetta

  18. Red Light Revolution

    Red Light Revolution

  19. The Child's Eye

    The Child's Eye