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Tokyo International Film Festival

  1. Shadow Magic

    Shadow Magic

  2. Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors

    Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors

  3. Ritual
    Best Artistic Contribution Award


  4. The King Is Alive
    Best Actress Award

    The King Is Alive

  5. Keeping the Faith
    Best Screenplay Award

    Keeping the Faith

  6. Tour Abroad

    Tour Abroad

  7. Mondialito
    Best Actor Award


  8. Jacky


  9. Three Brothers
    Asian Film Award

    Three Brothers

  10. Back Door

    Back Door

  11. Two Thousand and None

    Two Thousand and None

  12. A Run for Money

    A Run for Money

  13. Nobody Knows Anybody

    Nobody Knows Anybody

  14. The Spring Gathering

    The Spring Gathering

  15. One More Day
    Best Artistic Contribution Award

    One More Day

  16. Hidden River

    Hidden River