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Torino Film Festival

  1. Winter's Bone
  2. Poetry
  3. Mysteries of Lisbon

    Mysteries of Lisbon

  4. Kaboom


  5. The Arbor

    The Arbor

  6. On Tour

    On Tour

  7. Cyrus


  8. Littlerock


  9. Man at Bath

    Man at Bath

  10. Caterpillar


  11. Marimbas from Hell

    Marimbas from Hell

  12. Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man
    Best Feature Film (Prize of the City of Torino)

    Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man

  13. In the Woods

    In the Woods

  14. The Bang Bang Club

    The Bang Bang Club

  15. Small Town Murder Songs

    Small Town Murder Songs

  16. It's Your Fault

    It's Your Fault

  17. Vampires


  18. The Infidel
    Best Actor (Prize of the City of Torino)

    The Infidel

  19. Henry
    Audience Award


  20. Blessed Events

    Blessed Events

  21. Archipel
  22. Bakroman
    Prize of the City of Turin for Best Italian Documentary Film


  23. Il pezzo mancante
    Selezione Cinema.Doc Award

    Il pezzo mancante

  24. Last Chestnuts

    Last Chestnuts

  25. White Irish Drinkers

    White Irish Drinkers

  26. SoulBoy


  27. Les hommes debout

    Les hommes debout

  28. Let Each One Go Where He May
    Cult Award

    Let Each One Go Where He May

  29. Vital Signs

    Vital Signs

  30. Madame & Little Boy

    Madame & Little Boy