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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Tales


  2. Sand Dollars

    Sand Dollars

  3. Partners in Crime

    Partners in Crime

  4. Corbo


  5. Backcountry


  6. Dearest


  7. Discipline


  8. La Salada

    La Salada

  9. The Crow's Egg

    The Crow's Egg

  10. Atlantic.


  11. Twelve Tales Told

    Twelve Tales Told

  12. Under the Atmosphere

    Under the Atmosphere

  13. Relief


  14. The Old Man of Belem

    The Old Man of Belem

  15. Over Your Dead Body

    Over Your Dead Body

  16. Tokyo Fiancée

    Tokyo Fiancée

  17. Lulu


  18. Love in the Time of Civil War

    Love in the Time of Civil War

  19. Itsi Bitsi

    Itsi Bitsi

  20. High Society

    High Society

  21. Guidance


  22. Learning to Drive
    2nd Place: People's Choice Award

    Learning to Drive

  23. The Golden Era

    The Golden Era

  24. 1001 Grams

    1001 Grams

  25. The Owners

    The Owners

  26. Seven Boats

    Seven Boats

  27. Villa Touma

    Villa Touma

  28. The Vanished Elephant

    The Vanished Elephant

  29. Unlucky Plaza

    Unlucky Plaza

  30. Sway


  31. Second Coming

    Second Coming

  32. May Allah Bless France!
    FIPRESCI Prize

    May Allah Bless France!

  33. The Intruder

    The Intruder

  34. I Am Not Lorena

    I Am Not Lorena

  35. The Great Man

    The Great Man

  36. Adult Beginners

    Adult Beginners