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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Buffalo Boy

    Buffalo Boy

  2. The Night of Truth

    The Night of Truth

  3. Promised Land

    Promised Land

  4. Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog

    Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog

  5. Forgiveness


  6. Mirage


  7. Two Great Sheep

    Two Great Sheep

  8. The Hero

    The Hero

  9. Lightning in a Bottle

    Lightning in a Bottle

  10. Childstar


  11. Low Life

    Low Life

  12. Cool!


  13. A Good Woman

    A Good Woman

  14. Silver City

    Silver City

  15. Producing Adults

    Producing Adults

  16. ScaredSacred
    Special Mention: Best Canadian Film


  17. Build


  18. Andrew and Jeremy Get Married

    Andrew and Jeremy Get Married

  19. White Tower

    White Tower

  20. Hidden Flaws

    Hidden Flaws

  21. A Letter to True

    A Letter to True

  22. As Follows

    As Follows

  23. Chased by Dreams

    Chased by Dreams

  24. Anaconda Targets

    Anaconda Targets

  25. Midwinter Night's Dream

    Midwinter Night's Dream

  26. Le pont

    Le pont

  27. Blood


  28. Keepers of Memory

    Keepers of Memory

  29. Real Life

    Real Life

  30. Tideline


  31. Haven


  32. Return to Sender

    Return to Sender

  33. Writer of O

    Writer of O

  34. Cape of Good Hope

    Cape of Good Hope

  35. White Skin
    Best Canadian First Feature Film

    White Skin

  36. Human Touch

    Human Touch