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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

    Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

  2. Kinshasa Palace

    Kinshasa Palace

  3. The Bet Collector

    The Bet Collector

  4. Diggers


  5. Bunny Chow

    Bunny Chow

  6. The Book of Revelation

    The Book of Revelation

  7. The Missing Star

    The Missing Star

  8. Death of a President

    Death of a President

  9. The Silence

    The Silence

  10. Summercamp!


  11. Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs

  12. The Session Is Open

    The Session Is Open

  13. Yokohama Mary

    Yokohama Mary

  14. 3 Minutes

    3 Minutes

  15. Tanju Miah

    Tanju Miah

  16. Shame


  17. Sari's Mother

    Sari's Mother

  18. The Days
    Best Canadian Short Film

    The Days

  19. The Colonel

    The Colonel

  20. Les eaux mortes

    Les eaux mortes

  21. Oh La La!

    Oh La La!

  22. On the Trail of Igor Rizzi
    Best Canadian First Feature Film

    On the Trail of Igor Rizzi

  23. Winter Journey

    Winter Journey

  24. Bliss


  25. The Silly Age

    The Silly Age

  26. Twilight Dancers

    Twilight Dancers

  27. Confetti


  28. ...So Goes the Nation

    ...So Goes the Nation

  29. August Days

    August Days

  30. Meokgo and the Stick Fighter

    Meokgo and the Stick Fighter

  31. Made in Jamaica

    Made in Jamaica

  32. Catch a Fire

    Catch a Fire

  33. Alatriste


  34. The Violin

    The Violin

  35. The Quiet

    The Quiet

  36. Hans-Joachim Klein: My Life as a Terrorist

    Hans-Joachim Klein: My Life as a Terrorist