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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. No Men Beyond This Point

    No Men Beyond This Point

  2. Lace Crater

    Lace Crater

  3. The Hard Stop

    The Hard Stop

  4. Invention


  5. Al Purdy Was Here
    3rd Place: People's Choice Award (Documentary)

    Al Purdy Was Here

  6. Eva Doesn't Sleep

    Eva Doesn't Sleep

  7. A Tale of Love, Madness and Death

    A Tale of Love, Madness and Death

  8. That Dog

    That Dog

  9. The Ones Below

    The Ones Below

  10. The Fear

    The Fear

  11. Prima Materia

    Prima Materia

  12. Palms


  13. Collective Invention

    Collective Invention

  14. Rabin, the Last Day

    Rabin, the Last Day

  15. The Endless River

    The Endless River

  16. Our Loved Ones

    Our Loved Ones

  17. A Young Patriot

    A Young Patriot

  18. Fugue


  19. The Sleepwalker

    The Sleepwalker

  20. The Nightmare

    The Nightmare

  21. The Magnetic Nature

    The Magnetic Nature

  22. Rate Me
    Honorable Mention: Best Film (Short Cuts Award)

    Rate Me

  23. Dégradé


  24. Goat


  25. Hellions


  26. One Last Night

    One Last Night

  27. Our Remaining Lives

    Our Remaining Lives

  28. Boy


  29. Beyond the Horizon

    Beyond the Horizon

  30. Boxing


  31. It's Not You

    It's Not You

  32. Dogs Don't Breed Cats

    Dogs Don't Breed Cats

  33. Wellington Jr.

    Wellington Jr.

  34. Bird Hearts

    Bird Hearts

  35. Bam


  36. Oslo's Rose

    Oslo's Rose