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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Hail Mary

    Hail Mary

  2. The Official Story
    People's Choice Award

    The Official Story

  3. When Father Was Away on Business

    When Father Was Away on Business

  4. My Beautiful Laundrette

    My Beautiful Laundrette

  5. The Runner

    The Runner

  6. Desert Hearts

    Desert Hearts

  7. Colonel Redl

    Colonel Redl

  8. Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk

  9. Cop au vin

    Cop au vin

  10. Oriane


  11. Dust


  12. Adieu Bonaparte

    Adieu Bonaparte

  13. Plenty


  14. Pervola, Tracks in the Snow

    Pervola, Tracks in the Snow

  15. The Practice of Love

    The Practice of Love

  16. For Kayako

    For Kayako

  17. My American Cousin
    International Critics' Award

    My American Cousin

  18. No Surrender
    International Critics' Award

    No Surrender

  19. Crossover Dreams

    Crossover Dreams

  20. Seduction: The Cruel Woman

    Seduction: The Cruel Woman

  21. Twenty Years Later

    Twenty Years Later

  22. The Funeral

    The Funeral

  23. The Children

    The Children

  24. Dear Karl

  25. A Strange Love Affair

    A Strange Love Affair

  26. Notre mariage

    Notre mariage

  27. The Illusionist

    The Illusionist