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Tribeca Film Festival

  1. Peace After Marriage
    Narrative (Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award)

    Peace After Marriage

  2. The Arbor
    Best New Documentary Filmmaker

    The Arbor

  3. Loose Cannons
    Best Narrative Feature - Special Jury Mention

    Loose Cannons

  4. Into Eternity

    Into Eternity

  5. The Killer Inside Me

    The Killer Inside Me

  6. Please Give

    Please Give

  7. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

    Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

  8. When We Leave
  9. Dog Pound
    Best New Narrative Filmmaker

    Dog Pound

  10. Heartbreaker


  11. Some Boys Don't Leave
    Student Visionary Award

    Some Boys Don't Leave

  12. The Woodmans
    Best New York Documentary

    The Woodmans

  13. Letters to Juliet

    Letters to Juliet

  14. Dream Home

    Dream Home

  15. The Two Escobars

    The Two Escobars

  16. sex & drugs & rock & roll

    sex & drugs & rock & roll

  17. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

    Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

  18. Spork
    Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Best Feature Film


  19. Nice Guy Johnny

    Nice Guy Johnny

  20. The Sentimental Engine Slayer

    The Sentimental Engine Slayer

  21. Bastard


  22. The Birth of Big Air

    The Birth of Big Air

  23. Shadows & Lies

    Shadows & Lies

  24. Monogamy
    Best New York Narrative


  25. Every Day

    Every Day

  26. Elvis & Madona

    Elvis & Madona

  27. Freakonomics


  28. Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives

    Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives

  29. The Chameleon

    The Chameleon

  30. Beware the Gonzo

    Beware the Gonzo

  31. The Infidel

    The Infidel

  32. The Space Between
    Best New York Narrative - Special Jury Mention

    The Space Between

  33. My Trip to Al-Qaeda

    My Trip to Al-Qaeda

  34. brilliantlove


  35. Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy

    Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy

  36. Thieves by Law

    Thieves by Law

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