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Venice Film Festival

  1. Step by Step

    Step by Step

  2. Clown in Kabul

    Clown in Kabul

  3. Tempo
    Special Mention: Best Short Film


  4. Cows Knocked Up by Fog

    Cows Knocked Up by Fog

  5. Liquido atlante

    Liquido atlante

  6. Béjart Into the Light

    Béjart Into the Light

  7. Soul Mate
    Wella Prize

    Soul Mate

  8. Clown
  9. Rosa Funzeca

    Rosa Funzeca

  10. Two Friends
    Luigi De Laurentiis Award

    Two Friends

  11. The Exam

    The Exam

  12. The Kite

    The Kite

  13. Rosa la china

    Rosa la china

  14. My Name is Tanino
    Special Mention: Future Film Festival Digital Award

    My Name is Tanino

  15. La chatte andalouse

    La chatte andalouse

  16. The Virgin of Lust
    Special Mention: San Marco Prize

    The Virgin of Lust

  17. Maximum Velocity (V-Max)

    Maximum Velocity (V-Max)

  18. A Scandalous Journey

    A Scandalous Journey

  19. Almost Peaceful

    Almost Peaceful

  20. The Power of the Past

    The Power of the Past

  21. Open My Heart

    Open My Heart

  22. Nearest to Heaven

    Nearest to Heaven

  23. Julie Walking Home

    Julie Walking Home

  24. Behind the Sun
    Little Golden Lion

    Behind the Sun

  25. The Best of Times

    The Best of Times

  26. The Sound of Claudia Schiffer

    The Sound of Claudia Schiffer

  27. Blow-Up


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