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Venice Film Festival

  1. Cinema Futures

    Cinema Futures

  2. Four Days in France

    Four Days in France

  3. Always Shine

    Always Shine

  4. Planetarium


  5. The War Show

    The War Show

  6. Quit Staring at My Plate

    Quit Staring at My Plate

  7. White Sun
    Interfilm Award

    White Sun

  8. Spira Mirabilis

    Spira Mirabilis

  9. On The Origin of Fear

    On The Origin of Fear

  10. Wordly Girl

    Wordly Girl

  11. King of the Belgians
    Venice Horizons Award

    King of the Belgians

  12. American Anarchist

    American Anarchist

  13. That One Day

    That One Day

  14. Ordinary People

    Ordinary People

  15. The Fury of a Patient Man
    Venice Horizons Award / Best Actress

    The Fury of a Patient Man

  16. Traces of Sin

    Traces of Sin

  17. Dadyaa


  18. Polina


  19. Seed


  20. Dark Night

    Dark Night

  21. Rem


  22. Scent of Venice

    Scent of Venice

  23. Robinù
    Special Mention: Human Rights Film Network Award


  24. Assalto al cielo

    Assalto al cielo

  25. It Was Yesterday

    It Was Yesterday

  26. The War Within

    The War Within

  27. Atlas 1783

    Atlas 1783

  28. The Lost Voice
    Venice Horizons Award - Best Short Film

    The Lost Voice

  29. Ruah


  30. First Night

    First Night

  31. Guilty Men

    Guilty Men

  32. Are We Not Cats

    Are We Not Cats

  33. These Days

    These Days

  34. The Blind Christ

    The Blind Christ

  35. Maudite poutine

    Maudite poutine

  36. Vangelo