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Venice Film Festival

  1. The Broken Jug

    The Broken Jug

  2. Triumph of the Will

    Triumph of the Will

  3. The Devil Is a Woman
    Best Cinematography

    The Devil Is a Woman

  4. The Band Concert

    The Band Concert

  5. The Informer
    Best Screenplay

    The Informer

  6. David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

  7. Anna Karenina
    Best Foreign Film (Mussolini Cup)

    Anna Karenina

  8. The Wedding Night
    Best Director

    The Wedding Night

  9. The Crusades

    The Crusades

  10. I'll Give a Million
    Best Italian Comedy

    I'll Give a Million

  11. Crime and Punishment
    Best Actor (Volpi Cup)

    Crime and Punishment

  12. Curly Top

    Curly Top

  13. Escape Me Never
    Tourism Supervision Cup

    Escape Me Never

  14. China Seas

    China Seas

  15. Becky Sharp
    Best Color Film

    Becky Sharp

  16. Regine


  17. The Swedenhielms

    The Swedenhielms

  18. Land of Promise
    Special Mention: Jury

    Land of Promise

  19. Casta diva
    Best Italian Film (Mussolini Cup)

    Casta diva

  20. The Eternal Mask
    Best Psychological Film

    The Eternal Mask

  21. Dante's Inferno

    Dante's Inferno

  22. The Old and the Young King

    The Old and the Young King

  23. Black Fury

    Black Fury

  24. Sanders of the River
    Best Music

    Sanders of the River

  25. Happiness


  26. Broadway Bill

    Broadway Bill

  27. No Greater Glory
    Best Foreign Film (Fascist Party Cup)

    No Greater Glory

  28. The Prodigal Son
    Best Foreign Film (Propaganda Ministry Cup)

    The Prodigal Son

  29. Special Mention

    Slipper Episode

  30. Op hoop van zegen
    Special Mention

    Op hoop van zegen

  31. The Private Life of the Gannets
    Special Mention

    The Private Life of the Gannets

  32. Maria Chapdelaine
    Special Mention

    Maria Chapdelaine