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Venice Film Festival

  1. Ugetsu
  2. Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday

  3. I vitelloni
    Silver Lion

    I vitelloni

  4. Pickup on South Street
    Bronze Lion

    Pickup on South Street

  5. Little Fugitive
    Silver Lion

    Little Fugitive

  6. Anatahan


  7. Thérèse Raquin
    Silver Lion

    Thérèse Raquin

  8. The Vanquished

    The Vanquished

  9. The Proud and the Beautiful
    Bronze Lion

    The Proud and the Beautiful

  10. Good Lord Without Confession

    Good Lord Without Confession

  11. I Was a Parish Priest

    I Was a Parish Priest

  12. The Landowner's Daughter
    Bronze Lion

    The Landowner's Daughter

  13. Ancient Czech Myths
    San Marco's Silver Lion

    Ancient Czech Myths

  14. Naked Passion

    Naked Passion

  15. Neapolitans in Milan

    Neapolitans in Milan

  16. Vasili's Return

    Vasili's Return

  17. The Bad and the Beautiful

    The Bad and the Beautiful

  18. Moulin Rouge
    Silver Lion

    Moulin Rouge

  19. Sadko
    Silver Lion


  20. Waiting Women

    Waiting Women

  21. The Four Poster
  22. Rimskiy-Korsakov


  23. Young Chopin

    Young Chopin