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Venice Film Festival

  1. The River and Death

    The River and Death

  2. Seven Samurai
    Silver Lion

    Seven Samurai

  3. La strada
    Silver Lion

    La strada

  4. On the Waterfront

    On the Waterfront

  5. Sansho the Bailiff
    Silver Lion

    Sansho the Bailiff

  6. Touchez pas au grisbi
    Best Actor (Volpi Cup)

    Touchez pas au grisbi

  7. Senso


  8. An Inn at Osaka

    An Inn at Osaka

  9. The Caine Mutiny

    The Caine Mutiny

  10. Robinson Crusoe

    Robinson Crusoe

  11. Air of Paris
  12. Executive Suite
    Special Jury Prize

    Executive Suite

  13. The Rebellion of the Hanged

    The Rebellion of the Hanged

  14. Three Coins in the Fountain

    Three Coins in the Fountain

  15. The Magic City

    The Magic City

  16. Camelia


  17. Woman of Rome

    Woman of Rome

  18. The Back of Beyond
    Absolute Grand Prize

    The Back of Beyond

  19. Romeo and Juliet
    Golden Lion

    Romeo and Juliet

  20. Father Brown

    Father Brown

  21. Pünktchen and Anton

    Pünktchen and Anton

  22. Martin Luther

    Martin Luther