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Venice Film Festival

  1. The Lovers
  2. Ballad of Narayama

    Ballad of Narayama

  3. The Horse's Mouth
  4. Weddings and Babies Play button Rent for $3.99
  5. Une vie

    Une vie

  6. The Rickshaw Man
    Golden Lion

    The Rickshaw Man

  7. God's Little Acre

    God's Little Acre

  8. Love Is My Profession

    Love Is My Profession

  9. The Black Orchid
  10. The Challenge
  11. Kommunist


  12. The Eighth Day of the Week

    The Eighth Day of the Week

  13. Otar's Widow

    Otar's Widow

  14. The Wolf Trap

    The Wolf Trap

  15. The Girl Rosemarie
  16. Wild Strawberries
  17. Night Light

    Night Light

  18. Special Director's Award