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Venice Film Festival

  1. Ponette
  2. The Portrait of a Lady
    Best Film (Pasinetti Award)

    The Portrait of a Lady

  3. Basquiat


  4. Bound


  5. The Funeral

    The Funeral

  6. Deep Crimson
  7. For Ever Mozart
    Best Film (Filmcritica Bastone Bianco Award)

    For Ever Mozart

  8. Swingers


  9. Szamanka


  10. Kolya
  11. Voices Through Time
    FEDIC Award

    Voices Through Time

  12. Chronicle of a Disappearance

    Chronicle of a Disappearance

  13. Swallowtail Butterfly

    Swallowtail Butterfly

  14. The Frighteners

    The Frighteners

  15. Box of Moonlight

    Box of Moonlight

  16. Carla's Song
    The President of the Italian Senate's Gold Medal

    Carla's Song

  17. Party


  18. The Dress
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Dress

  19. Hard Core Logo

    Hard Core Logo

  20. Brigands: Chapter VII
    Grand Special Jury Prize

    Brigands: Chapter VII

  21. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins

  22. The Ogre
    UNICEF Award

    The Ogre

  23. Men, Women: A User's Manual
    Little Golden Lion

    Men, Women: A User's Manual

  24. Grace of My Heart

    Grace of My Heart

  25. Buddha Bless America

    Buddha Bless America

  26. Le polygraphe

    Le polygraphe

  27. Lea
    Honorable Mention: OCIC Award


  28. Vesna Goes Fast
    Best Actress (Pasinetti Award)

    Vesna Goes Fast

  29. Nitrate Base

    Nitrate Base

  30. Neither Eve Nor Adam

    Neither Eve Nor Adam

  31. Ilona Arrives with the Rain

    Ilona Arrives with the Rain

  32. Two Bob Mermaid

    Two Bob Mermaid

  33. Crumbling


  34. Warshots


  35. Metamorphosis of a Melody

  36. Another Mother

    Another Mother