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Venice Film Festival

  1. In My Room

    In My Room

  2. Nightwalk


    Leaving in 1 day
  3. Nomadland
  4. Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman

  5. City Hall
    Special Mention: Fair Play Award at the Cinema - Vivere da Sportivi

    City Hall

  6. Notturno
  7. New Order
  8. The Human Voice

    The Human Voice

  9. One Night in Miami

    One Night in Miami

  10. I Am Greta

    I Am Greta

  11. The Disciple
  12. In Between Dying

    In Between Dying

  13. Hopper/Welles


  14. Careless Crime

    Careless Crime

  15. Wife of a Spy
    Best Director

    Wife of a Spy

  16. Quo vadis, Aida?

    Quo vadis, Aida?

  17. Never Gonna Snow Again
    Special Mention: Fai Persona Lavoro Ambiente Foundation Award

    Never Gonna Snow Again

  18. Yellow Cat

    Yellow Cat

  19. Conference
    Special Mention: GdA Director's Award


  20. Ghosts
    Grand Prize Critics' Week


  21. J'ador
    Best Short Film (Critics' Week)


  22. Crazy, Not Insane

    Crazy, Not Insane

  23. Residue
    Special Mention: GdA Director's Award


  24. Night of the Kings

    Night of the Kings

  25. Mainstream


  26. The Art of Return

    The Art of Return

  27. Sportin' Life

    Sportin' Life

  28. The Wasteland
  29. And Tomorrow the Entire World

    And Tomorrow the Entire World

  30. Genus Pan
  31. Padrenostro


  32. Narcissus off Duty

    Narcissus off Duty

  33. Mosquito State

    Mosquito State

  34. The Return of Tragedy

    The Return of Tragedy

  35. Between You and Milagros
    Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film

    Between You and Milagros

  36. Places


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