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Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

  1. Disorder


  2. Auto*mate


  3. The Fortress
    Prize of Excellence

    The Fortress

  4. Because We Were Born

    Because We Were Born

  5. Z32
    Prize of Excellence


  6. Encirclement: Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy
    Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize

    Encirclement: Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy

  7. Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

    Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

  8. Bilal
  9. RiP: A Remix Manifesto

    RiP: A Remix Manifesto

  10. The New Rijksmuseum

    The New Rijksmuseum

  11. Oblivion
    Mayor's Prize


  12. Dr. Ma's Country Clinic
    Directors Guild of Japan Award

    Dr. Ma's Country Clinic

  13. The Pier of Apolonovka

    The Pier of Apolonovka

  14. Kites


  15. Yuri: About Loving

    Yuri: About Loving

  16. The Mother

    The Mother

  17. Dust


  18. Night School

    Night School