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Zurich Film Festival

  1. Take Shelter
    Best International Feature Film

    Take Shelter

  2. Bullhead
  3. Turn Me On, Goddammit
  4. Breathing
    Best German Language Feature Film


  5. Las acacias
  6. Circumstance
  7. Buck
    Best International Documentary Film


  8. Corpo celeste
  9. Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times
  10. Bully
  11. Cracks in the Shell
  12. Westwind
  13. Summer Window
  14. Call It a Balance in the Unbalance
  15. Combat Girls
    Special Mention: German Language Feature Film

    Combat Girls

  16. Little Birds
  17. Beauty
    Special Mention: International Feature Film


  18. Darwin
    Best German Language Documentary Film


  19. Color of the Ocean
  20. Vaquero
  21. Raw Material
    Special Mention: International Documentary Film

    Raw Material

  22. Eine ganz heiße Nummer
  23. Louise Wimmer
    Special Mention: International Feature Film

    Louise Wimmer

  24. Italy: Love It, or Leave It
  25. Mary & Johnny
  26. Happy, Happy
    Critics' Choice Award

    Happy, Happy

  27. The Other Chelsea: A Story from Donetsk
  28. Gnarr
  29. Gromozeka
  30. Yume