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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Film Socialisme

    Film Socialisme

  2. Rubber


  3. Womb
    Junior Jury Award - Environment Is Quality of Life Prize


  4. Monsters


  5. Winter Vacation
  6. Cold Weather

    Cold Weather

  7. Karamay
  8. Curling
  9. Cyrus


  10. You Are Here

    You Are Here

  11. I Wish I Knew

    I Wish I Knew

  12. At Ellen's Age

    At Ellen's Age

  13. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
    Variety Piazza Grande Award

    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

  14. Tilva Rosh

    Tilva Rosh

  15. Man at Bath

    Man at Bath

  16. The Human Resources Manager
    Audience Award

    The Human Resources Manager

  17. Foreign Parts
  18. Get Out of the Car

    Get Out of the Car

  19. Less and Less

    Less and Less

  20. Morgen
  21. Where the Boys Are

    Where the Boys Are

  22. Come Undone

    Come Undone

  23. Siege of the Dead

    Siege of the Dead

  24. White White World
  25. A History of Mutual Respect
    Golden Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow (International Competition)

    A History of Mutual Respect

  26. Diarchy
    Pianifica Award


  27. Deep in the Woods

    Deep in the Woods

  28. Outbound
    Best Actress (Swiss Critics Boccalino Award)


  29. The Mirror

    The Mirror

  30. O somma luce

    O somma luce

  31. Reindeerspotting
    Grand Prix SRG SSR - Semaine de la critique


  32. Jo for Jonathan

    Jo for Jonathan

  33. Aardvark
    বিশেষ উল্লেখ: Best First Feature


  34. The Silence

    The Silence

  35. L.A. Zombie

    L.A. Zombie

  36. Pig Iron

    Pig Iron

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