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Philadelphia Film Festival

  1. The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse

  2. Pina
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Audience Award


  3. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Masters (Audience Award)

    Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

  4. The Artist
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Galas (Audience Award)

    The Artist

  5. Perfect Sense
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Spotlights (Audience Award)

    Perfect Sense

  6. The Day He Arrives

    The Day He Arrives

  7. Michael
    Best First Time Director


  8. Headhunters
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: The Graveyard Shift (Audience Award)


  9. Miss Bala
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Spanish Language Cinema (Audience Award)

    Miss Bala

  10. Policeman
    Best Narrative Feature


  11. Undefeated
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Sports in Motion (Audience Award)


  12. Green
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: American Independents (Audience Award)


  13. Pioneer
    Short Film (Special Jury Award)


  14. Hit So Hard
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Sight & Soundtrack (Audience Award)

    Hit So Hard

  15. Where Soldiers Come From
    Best Documentary

    Where Soldiers Come From

  16. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Documentary Showcase (Audience Award)

    Carol Channing: Larger Than Life

  17. The Sandman
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: World Narratives (Audience Award)

    The Sandman

  18. Young Goethe in Love
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: New French Films (Audience Award)

    Young Goethe in Love

  19. To Be Heard
    সম্মানজনক উল্লেখ: Audience Award (Docs For Kids)

    To Be Heard

  20. OK, Enough, Goodbye
    Narrative Feature (Special Jury Award)

    OK, Enough, Goodbye