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রেটিং এবং রিভিউ

  1. Simone Berlioz's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    Maya afraid to get older, but in fact she is interesting and sexy and she knows, only that she wants to be dramatic.

  2. Nicole's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    shout-out to shooting this in santa cruz mountains. Also noted: sloppy seconds, these fools! weird supposed intellectual mind game based on someones mortality these fools! fools.

  3. liyongo13's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    I've always been sensationalized by movies about geniuses, even if they are only genius through idolatry. A constant puzzle of wits and metaphors, this movie moved​ me. In the same way that when a person thinks they cannot be hypnotized, yet, they still are once the clock swings to and fro.

  4. Auburn Cook's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    I was intrigued by the description but the director didn't take the concept of the story the way I would have enjoyed. It's very sexual from the start and uncomfortable to watch. There's a rape scene that I was not prepared for. I hated the main girl and couldn't sympathize with her so the movie was hard to watch. The ending was boring and it felt like a waste of time. Also there's minimal cuts and shots drag out.

  5. between7skies's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    Wish there was an an option for no star at MUBI. This is one of Olin's worst roles. The script is so uncompelling and the so is Olin's performance.

  6. pensum's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    Pretentious gits and bad poetry—must admit they nailed both pretty good.

  7. Loz Loory's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    Ohlin is great, but the characters and action around her are repetitive and dull. Might make a better book, as then we could read the interior thoughts of Maya, instead of listening to her ironic statements. Liked the idea of the casting couch, but the personalities of the two men seem silly and manufactured for maximum conflict. The climax feels stagey and forced. The piano music is repetitively irksome.

  8. chaospress's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    3.7 Excellent performance from Lena Olin and supporting characters in a film that knows what it's trying to accomplish. Intense, introspective, claustrophobic, airy, and quite odd.

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Maya Dardel

  10. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Maya Dardel

    "All that matters to me are the books I wrote years ago."

  11. Vladimir Gordanic's rating of the film Maya Dardel