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  1. Isabel Bermudez's rating of the film About Twelve

    It is a film that has a feel of realistic and very organic . It is about a troubled girl that has been affected in home with the absence of a father figure , and how this has made her have trouble socially and in class. They try to make her seem as she has a mental problem which she doesnt she is just having a hard time. I really enjoyed this film it is true and I mentioned before very realstic.

  2. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film About Twelve

    Interesting character, relatively uninteresting movie. The movie doesn't really do a whole lot with her, other than giving us a snapshot into her life, and her actions don't seem to produce long-term consequences, even though she is eventually called out for her behavior.

  3. cengle's rating of the film About Twelve

    Pretty cool how it's shot so naturalistically. I also enjoyed the performance by the lead actress - she's able to say a lot with a very restrained performance. Overall, though, it's not an exceptionally entertaining film.

  4. Danny Indio's rating of the film About Twelve

    A film you can digest easily even though it's not always clear what you're eating. The minute I thought I saw one too many close-ups, I was surprised by an unexpected image. Everyone delivers a naturalistic and realistic portrayal but bravo to the actress who plays Juana; she reveals complexities in her simplicity.

  5. Sylvia's rating of the film About Twelve

    Thought-provoking and different, in a good way.

  6. sahandmohajer's rating of the film About Twelve

    very realistic depiction. the very short dream sequence came as a rather pleasant surprise. but the whole film was a big trip down memory lane for me, very true that private schools fill students minds and schedules mainly to justify their expensive tuitions.

  7. mootz15's rating of the film About Twelve

    In the end Juana learns to manipulate the adults who seem to either ignore her or push her around. Whether there is actual mental illness involved - this is left intentionally vague I feel, and the film works better for it. What will she be when she grows up? Perhaps a well-adjusted bureaucrat; perhaps a serial killer. Impossible to tell though the movie does end on an ominous note.

  8. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film About Twelve

    "It's like ideas don't come to me anymore, they attack me. I used to think I controlled what I thought about, but now I feel I don't control it anymore. They come and come and I can't stop thinking. So I can't sleep. My head is going crazy. It's strange. Did it ever happen to you?" - Juana, 12 yrs

  9. fearraigh's rating of the film About Twelve

    It's not especially bad but there is a despairingly familiarity, right down to the trajectory of its cursory plot that renders this film of minimal interest. The school, where pretentious bourgeois Argentines intone exaggeratedly accented British English to one another is also my conception of hell.

  10. El Biffo's rating of the film About Twelve

    Don't talk to me. Can't you see I am trying to sneeze?

  11. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film About Twelve

    I know it's a lame critisism but I found it kind of boring. The only scene I found enjoyable, or, well, "enjoyable", was the costume party scene. Sooo much identification.

  12. lou.'s rating of the film About Twelve

    Me ha encantado mucho el retrato de esta chica. Ella es un personaje perturbante, indescifrable. Me ha hecio pensar en mí misma cuando tenía su edad: ¿normalmente yo estaba así? No, pero es demasiado un momento siempre difícil y complicado en el que cada estado de ánimo es más que intenso tanto come indecible. No sé, me parece como una obra de aprendizaje. Todos hemos pasado por eso, Juaniña :)

  13. captainfez's rating of the film About Twelve

    SCHOOKIDS ARE SHIT: an unsurprising film.

  14. St.Just's rating of the film About Twelve

  15. Superfrog's rating of the film About Twelve

    That is the story of a kids with issue who has issues. Not bad but feels frankly unnecessary at times. The letter incident would make for a good short.

  16. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film About Twelve

    Written and directed by Martin Shanly, this tale of a young girl struggling through her school term is at times engaging and at other times very frustrating, in line with how everyone generally feels about the central character. Performances are decent, but it all feels a bit too . . . . . pointless. Not that you won't enjoy watching it while it's on, but I doubt many will rush to revisit it.

  17. AliceR's rating of the film About Twelve

  18. dotvom's rating of the film About Twelve

    This intimate film by Martín Shanly explores the isolation of early adolescence. It seems to address how sometimes adults can search and search for a solution while never really listening to the problem. It is relatable, yet also a bit sad. The ending felt slightly abrupt and could've used more tying up.

  19. Cassandra Jiskoot's rating of the film About Twelve

    What I originally expected to be a typical coming of age story turned out to be quite a sad portrait of kids today. The way its shot is so realistic that you can really relate to the struggles of the main character without being confused as to what it all means underneath. It is a straightforward reflection of life.

  20. yohkcub's rating of the film About Twelve

    Juana has trouble holding onto friendships and is often ignored by her family. She struggles academically and socially. I wish the film would have gone into more detail about her mental state but the suggestions of her mental state are enough to startle the viewer I love the realistic way it is filmed as it goes day by day.

  21. Jessica's rating of the film About Twelve

    From the start of the film you can see that Juana has some social and academic issues. She doesn't know how to focus in school because her mind wonders off into her own little world. When she tries to explain to her mother what the problem is, her mother doesn't listen. I like the fact that this film can be relatable for people with mental health issues and trying to deal with them on a day to day basis.

  22. DestDest's rating of the film About Twelve

    Very slow-paced but interesting and downright cringe-worthy at times! Juana's desperation to be included has no limit, and she is a bit obsessive over Luana. But this movie captures the general struggle with adolescence very well. There is no conclusive ending, and it won't make you jump for joy, but I enjoyed watching it

  23. magdalenaroson's rating of the film About Twelve

    I actually really liked this movie, it feels really natural and lovely. Very good portrait of the argentinian society.

  24. Miggy Angel's rating of the film About Twelve

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