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Charley Varrick

পরিচালনা করেছেন Don Siegel
মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র, 1973
অপরাধ, ড্রামা, থ্রিলার


Charley Varrick and his friends rob a small town bank. Expecting a small sum to divide amongst themselves, they are surprised to discover a very LARGE amount of money. Quickly figuring out that the money belongs to the MOB, they must now come up with a plan to throw the MOB off their trail.

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Charley Varrick পরিচালনা করেছেন Don Siegel

পুরস্কার এবং উৎসব

BAFTA Awards

1974 | বিজয়ী: Best Actor

1974 | মনোনীত: Best Film Editing

সমালোচকদের রিভিউ

Matthau plays the eponymous Varrick, crop-duster pilot and small-time bank robber who must rely on his wits when he accidentally takes a huge score intended for the Mob. It’s a breathtaking performance, making full use of Matthau’s working-poor background… A very real sense of stubborn self-reliance inflects Varrick’s every move.
August 26, 2011
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